A personal bad experience with AirBnB

Warning: Use AirBnB with caution. The rental  (a beach house in San Diego, when we took our pre-baby vacation) we had was moldy, the owner was uncaring and uncooperative. We had no choice but to leave the house and find a hotel to stay for the rest of our vacation. When we wrote a bad review for him, he tried to threaten us with writing us an equally bad review. When we didn’t respond, he tried to bribe us by offering a small amount of money to take down our review. We tried to get AirBnb to intervene, and all they said was that he wasn’t supposed to do that (but they still kept him). A few weeks later (when we didn’t respond to his bribes), the owner starting calling MY cell phone. I hung up on him (or not picking up the phone), but it was obviously distressing. AirBnb did not help, and kept the owner online running his rentals. After all this, Airbnb did not kick him off – so it makes me scared what other kind of crazy people are on there. When my husband called the owner back to tell him to stop bothering me, the owner called me many horrible names. This conversation was recorded and sent to Airbnb’s safety department. They said there was nothing they could do for us. The owner remained on Airbnb. So I just deleted our account from there, I’m done with them, I don’t even care if the review is gone because we deleted our profile. I have neighbors who rent rooms off Airbnb and kudos to them, I wish them the best of luck and pray for their safety. But for us – we are through with such unprofessional care. This would have never happened at a regular hotel, so that’s just what we’ll stick with. I just wanted to share my personal experience. I know this might be a rare occurrence on the rental website airbnb.com, but it was bad enough for me to do away with it. We enjoying the rest of our vacation, and a month later we get harrassed? NOT cool!!!! – jenny

September 12th, 2013 | 08:18am

Hello, Cincinnati! (National Tattoo Convention 2012)

Thurs & Fri April 12-13, 2012

Hi, Cincinnati! We got checked into the convention, got our weekend wristbands and lanyards, got inspected by the National Tattoo Association (NTA) and the Cincinnati Health Board and passed with flying colors. Yippie!

Fountain Square

We went to the NTA Awards Banquet Dinner at the Hyatt Regency. I got to sit with my boss, Cap Szumski and his friends, Heide Unger and Tim Corley and their family. Everyone is so sweet and friendly! As a new member of the National Tattoo Association, I really did feel like part of the family! It fills me with pride to be a part of an association that truly cares about the industry, about quality and cleanliness, about continuing education for the tattooer, and about respecting each other and the craft itself. Eeeep! What an honor to be a part of tattoo history! :D

For more information about the National Tattoo Association, click HERE!!!

April 16th, 2012 | 06:27am
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